Wines for Gifting!


Who wouldn’t like a lovely bottle of bubbles under their Christmas Tree? Maybe you splurge on that extra special bottle for a holiday meal with someone you love? What do you choose for your boss, or administrative assistant? What about the mailman? If you’re stuck on what to give – we have some great gift ideas here at Ed’s. Come on by and give me a pat or a treat and we’ll show you a few treats for gifts.

Hostess gift? A wine that never disappoints and is a safe bet for everyone is bubbles. By “bubbles” I mean sparkling wine- which makes any occasion festive . One of our favorites is Zonin Prosecco. The Glera grape is used to make this slightly dry, slightly fizzy, slightly fruity crowd pleaser- Italy’s premier sparkling wine. Peach, toasty almond and flavors of lemon zest. An aperitif or for brunch as a mixer with your favorite citrus fruit juice, you can’t go wrong with Prosecco. I give it three bones!

Taking care of the people who help take care of you? Your office administrative co-workers, a neighbor or friend who always lends a helping hand, maybe the lawn service pro? A fine bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles, California should be appreciated. Broadside Cabernet is easy drinking with a bright mix of dark and red fruits, flavors of raspberry and dark cherries with subtle hints of chocolate. The tannins are smooth as is the finish. The no nonsense black and white label is distinctive and catchy. I give it two bones!

Want to impress your boss without breaking the bank? How about a Napa Cabernet? Michael Mondavi has several acres in Napa where his son, Rob Jr. is the winemaker. Emblem Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from valley floor fruit, estate grown and made. Ripe plum with chocolate and hazelnut undertones, and a great cherry finish. This wine is affordable and makes a great impression. I give it three bones!

Let’s not leave out the white wine lovers. Kono Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand consistently garners great press and never disappoints. This wine has history of place- the wine is certified sustainable and comes from vineyards in Marlborough and Nelson, famous for their Sauvignon Blanc production. Flavors of lemon sherbet and key lime, with a touch of lemon verbena on the finish, I give it two bones!

One of our new favorite Chardonnays is from our pals in Lodi, California at Michael David Winery. Freakshow Chardonnay is the newest varietal in their carnival labeled series featuring a mermaid on the label, the daughter of Poseidon, so there’s a conversation starter! This Chard shows flavors of pear and apple, beautifully balanced with a touch of oak aging and delicate nectarine on the finish. It is buttered popcorn but not overdone. I give it two bones!

Need a wine to really impress? Now we’re talking high point ratings from wine publications, or single vineyard boutique properties. One of Ed’s personal favorites is Monte Faustino Corte Bure Amarone della Valpolicella. Amarone is a very special wine made from three grape varietals, Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella. The province in Verona known as Valpolicella produces the grapes that are hand harvested and laid out to dry on straw mats until they become almost like raisins. This concentrates the sugars; once crushed they age for a minimum of 2 years. Full bodied with aromas of spice and fig and black cherries, this wine is opulent with a long silky finish. I give it three bones!

No matter who you celebrate with or how you celebrate the holiday- we hope you are celebrating with a wonderful glass of wine. Cheers!




 By Brunello Giancola as told to CRBrown